Junior Development Program

Net Set Go! Program 5 to 11 years old
The Net Set Go! Program was successfully introduced at the club in 2005 for children aged 5-11. The aim of this program is to introduce the game to new players by teaching basic skills and rules of the game. The program is designed to teach and develop skills of new players and usually is run in the Term 2 school holidays dates TBA. 

Umpire Development
During the Saturday competition trainee umpires are learning how to umpire netball. Each trainee is provided with a qualified Umpire Coach. Their progress is recorded throughout the season and constantly assessed by the Umpire Supervisor. Trainee umpires are required to complete an ‘Introduction to Umpiring’ and ‘Level 1 Umpire’ course, and complete a theory exam. An independent assessment is made for all umpires at times throughout the season by a qualified tester from Netball Victoria.